BREAKING: Bill Clinton Witness Breaks Silence…Rape Accusation ROCKS The Race!

The dark past of the Clinton’s is almost too shocking to explore. It reads like something out of a bad Hollywood script, the kind of story they only air late at night.

Although Bill and Hillary have worked hard to hide their past once they came to power, we still hear rumors and personal accounts of the kind of people they really are, and the kind of things they’d do for power.

It is widely reported that Bill Clinton has a history of sexual assault. Years before his escapades in the White House, Bill was up to no good in his home state of Arkansas as Attorney General.

Even now we are learning more about the kind of person this former president, and potential first husband, is.

From Breitbart:

In her first extensive interview in over a decade, the nurse who found Juanita Broaddrick in her hotel room immediately after Bill Clinton allegedly raped Broaddrick recounted what she says she witnessed in that room 38 years ago.

“She was crying,” recalled Norma Rogers, a nurse who worked for Broaddrick, who at the time was a nursing home administrator volunteering for then-Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton’s 1978 gubernatorial bid.

“And the thing I think I remember most is that her mouth was all swollen up. It was cut. … Her pantyhose were all ripped,” Rogers stated in dramatic, lengthy new testimony.

Years before he made a bid for president, then Arkansas Attorney General Bill Clinton arranged a meeting with Juanita Broaddrick, a health care professional. The plan was to discuss the issues facing nursing homes in the state.

But sadly, it didn’t turn out that way.

In the spring of 1978, Clinton met Broaddrick in her hotel room and proceeded to attack and rape her. One of her employees, nurse Norma Rogers, found her some time later.

Rogers drove Broaddrick back home after the incident. This week, she recounted that emotional drive. “I think we stopped at least twice to get ice. I would go up and get fresh ice and put it on her mouth because she was trying to keep her face from bruising and looking like something bad had happened to her, you know. It was just crazy. The whole situation was just crazy.”

As the Clinton’s marched toward the presidency, they made efforts to cover up this event. Bill tried to apologize to his victim and appear like a different person. But history has shown us that he is the same man as he was in 1978.

“And I just feel like he is an actor,” [Rogers] said. “He is a totally different person on the outside then what he is on the inside. I just… I have no respect. No respect at all for him.”

This is the man who is poised to return to the White House. Make no mistake, he and Hillary are con artists. They will not stop until they get what they want, no matter the cost.  This new information, however, could derail their ascent back to the top.

Source: Breitbart

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