BREAKING: Bill Kristol Just Made A STUNNING Announcement About Trump…Could Upend Campaign!

It is no secret that #nevertrump dummy Bill Kristol is no fan of Donald Trump.

Even as the rest of the GOP has gotten on board, Kristol continues to agitate against the presumptive nominee.

He actively recruited Mitt Romney to run as an independent. Even when that fell through, Kristol kept fighting his lonely fight, like one of those Japanese soldiers who didn’t know the war was over.

Apparently he isn’t finished yet, as reported in HotAir…

Bill Kristol continues to hold on to the dream of a viable, independent candidate to give voters disaffected by the choice of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on the November ballot for President of the United States.

Earlier this month he revealed he was actively recruiting candidates and hinted strongly that he thought Mitt Romney might jump in.  That idea may have gone by the wayside but Kristol surprised many observers Sunday evening with a cryptic tweet suggesting that his plans are lining up:

The filing deadline has already passed in Texas and the requirements to get on the ballot in many states are either a lot of signatures or a lot of money, so it seems unlikely that Kristol can pull this off.

None the less, this hair brain scheme could potentially have an impact on Trump because just a few votes in a few states could thrown an election to Hillary Clinton. Maybe that is what Kristol, son of famous Trotskyite Irving Kristol and vicious warmonger himself, actually wants!

Source: HotAir

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