BREAKING: BOMBING In New York City…Here’s The Latest…

New York City is on edge today after a bomb ripped through a Manhattan street at night.

This comes only hours after a pipe bomb exploded at a Marine Corps race in New Jersey.  No one was hurt in that suspected act of terrorism, but that was not the case in New York.

DailyMail has the latest update:

An explosion from a suspected bomb in a trashcan ripped through Manhattan on Saturday night leaving at least 29 people injured – and police are investigating a second suspected bomb in a pressure cooker.

The blast on 23rd Street and Sixth Avenue is believed to have come from a dumpster and was the result of ‘an intentional act’, according to the NYPD.

Although Mayor Bill de Blasio has claimed there’s no connection to terrorism, the incident follows the pipe bombing of a military fun-run in New Jersey hours earlier. No one was injured in that attack.

De Blasio also admitted the explosion was ‘intentionally’ set off, suggesting the intent was to injure people in an attack on Manhattan. All the victims including an eight-year-old boy have minor injuries, except one who is in critical condition.

The second device at 27th Street and Sixth Avenue, which was removed by the NYPD early on Sunday morning, is in a pressure cooker – raising chilling memories of the Boston bombings in 2013. 

The pressure cooker has different colored wires sticking out of it and is wrapped in a plastic bag with what appears to be a cell phone or timer connected to it.

The New York mayor’s firm denial of terrorism right after the incident seems awfully similar to the many domestic terror attacks where terrorism was denied at the outset only to be later confirmed.  We don’t know much yet, but we do know that pressure cooker bombs, the same type used in the Boston Marathon terror attack, were used in this situation, and that a bomb was set at another run on the same day.  Thankfully it seems no one was killed or maimed, but many were injured and we will know more as the reports roll in.

Source: DailyMail

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