BREAKING: Congress Making UNPRECEDENTED Vote Today…And Obama Is FURIOUS!

In one of his most despicable actions as president—which is really saying something—Obama vetoed a bill that would have allowed the families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for their role in the Islamic terror attack.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—who isn’t always the most stalwart conservative champion in Congress—is making an unprecedented move. Obama has never seen such outright opposition by his own party, especially on such an important topic.

John Sexton reports for Hot Air:

The House will also have to vote to override the veto. House Speaker Paul Ryan has already said he would vote for the override and last week House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi agreed saying, “The families will have the votes.” The bill originally passed with unanimous support on a voice vote, so it’s not clear why Obama would risk this bipartisan rejection in a fight he seems destined to lose. It will be the first time one of his vetoes has been overridden.

It is very likely Obama will be humiliated by his own party in a way he has never experienced.  He should have seen similar opposition to disgraceful laws like Obamacare and Wall Street reform that just protected the big banks.  Looks like 9/11 victims is one thing Republicans and extreme liberals like Nancy Pelosi can agree on.

Obama, however, doesn’t seem to be able to support American families devastated by Muslim terror attacks.

Credit: Hot Air

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