BREAKING: Cops DISGRACED By Football Players…Now The NFL Is Paying A MASSIVE Price!

What started out as one football player’s misguided protest has turned into a national debate and now, a massive headache for the big business of professional sports.

That one player was Colin Kaepernick. The scorn heaped upon him by millions of patriotic Americans has actually seemed to encourage other players to refuse to stand for the national anthem. And as much as Americans love football, they love their country more and are sending a strong message to the league.

Greg Campbell writes:

Right about now, the NFL is likely panicking because ratings are significantly down. In fact, NBC reports that ratings are down for the first week’s football programming in every conceivable metric.

Thursday’s game was down 8% from last year and Sunday’s game was down 14% from last year. (…)

Perhaps the bigger indicator of the public’s outrage is the second Monday night game. Last year, the Vikings played the 49ers and this year, it was the Rams versus the 49ers- the team on which Colin Kaepernick plays.

This year saw a whopping 25% drop!

Campbell calls on Americans to vote with their wallets by refusing to watch NFL games or purchase their merchandise until they clamp down on what he calls a “virus.”

It’s sad but true that what may ultimately bring these displays to an end won’t be patriotism on the NFL’s part but a concern for ratings and the bottom line. And that fact sends a message all its own.

Credit: Right Wing News

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