BREAKING: Ted Cruz Just Made A STUNNING Announcement…Leaves Donald SPEECHLESS!

One of the hardest fought primary seasons for the Republican nomination was fought this past spring, and it was also one of the most bitter.

Despite a pledge by all the candidates to support the nominee, there have been a few holdouts, none more prominent than the only man who mounted a serious challenge to Donald Trump in the primary: Ted Cruz.

Cruz went even further than that, encouraging the Republican National Conventions, and Republicans around America, to vote their conscience in a speech that got him booed off the stage.  Recently Reince Priebus warned that any 2016 candidate that refused to get behind the Republican nominee could be severely penalized if they ran again.

Well most Trump supporters, and many Cruz supporters, thought this day would never come, but it did.  NPR reports:

After a bitter primary battle that culminated with Ted Cruz being booed off the stage at the Republican National Convention, the Texas senator says he will vote for Donald Trump.

In a long Facebook post Friday, Cruz wrote that he made the decision because he wants to “keep his word” to vote for the Republican nominee and because he finds Hillary Clinton “wholly unacceptable.”

What are Cruz’s motivations for his endorsement? No one can be sure how much of this is political calculation, and how much it really helps sway any straggling #NeverTrumpers out there, but what he is saying clearly is that, for the good of the country, Hillary can never again claim 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to be her personal residence.

From Ted Cruz’s Facebook page:

If Clinton wins, we know — with 100% certainty — that she would deliver on her left-wing promises, with devastating results for our country.

My conscience tells me I must do whatever I can to stop that.

We also have seen, over the past few weeks and months, a Trump campaign focusing more and more on freedom — including emphasizing school choice and the power of economic growth to lift African-Americans and Hispanics to prosperity.

Finally, after eight years of a lawless Obama administration, targeting and persecuting those disfavored by the administration, fidelity to the rule of law has never been more important.

The Supreme Court will be critical in preserving the rule of law. And, if the next administration fails to honor the Constitution and Bill of Rights, then I hope that Republicans and Democrats will stand united in protecting our fundamental liberties.

Our country is in crisis. Hillary Clinton is manifestly unfit to be president, and her policies would harm millions of Americans. And Donald Trump is the only thing standing in her way.

A year ago, I pledged to endorse the Republican nominee, and I am honoring that commitment. And if you don’t want to see a Hillary Clinton presidency, I encourage you to vote for him.

The last vestiges of division in the Republican party is melting away as conservatives, moderates and Reagan Democrats come together to support Donald Trump.  Trump supporters can be thankful that they have a healthy candidate that is being rallied around.  That’s more than the Democrats can say.

Source: NPR

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