BREAKING: Democrats ANNOUNCE New Party Boss…And Nobody Is Happy!

After losing a record number of state legislative seats, most of the governorships and overseeing one of the worst declines in political history, DWS is finally out at the Democrat National Committee.

Those cheering the departure of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chairwoman of the DNC were soon brought up short when her replacement was announced.

Anyone who has watched her in her ubiquitous panel spots on cable news may chuckle at the Huffington Post’s cloying description of her as “immensely smart and likeable.”

The fact is, Donna Brazile is one of those establishment career politicians who can barely see past the Beltway.

As Howard Fineman writes at HuffPo, Brazile is “another woman who was clearly friendly toward Clinton behind the scenes and whose background is no more tied to the Bernie Sanders revolution than Wasserman Schultz’s was.”

As for Wasserman Schultz, Fineman says:

DWS was guilty, among other things, of unrealistic expectations: that if she put her full weight behind the Clinton machine, they would somehow let her stay on as chair or reward her with some grand job.

But chairs never stay on, and anyone who knows both politics in general and the Clintons in particular knew that she was a candidate to get thrown under the bus as soon as that was necessary.

Today it became necessary, and she was.

It’s possible the Wikileaks document dump was simply the excuse the Clintons were waiting for to get rid of Wasserman Schultz. The trouble is, the timing of her departure — on the eve of the DNC — doesn’t convey that all-important image of party unity and competence. If Brazile doesn’t live up to expectations, that won’t help matters either.

Source: Huffington Post

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