BREAKING: Democrats SHUTDOWN Government…They Blame It All On Trump!

We know that–while Trump ran on the Republican ticket–his plans and values do not reflect the party as a whole. This is a good thing. The GOP grew almost as bloated and corrupt as the Democratic Party, playing the same insider games and placating special interests.

Leaders in Washington, be they red or blue, did not have Americans’ interests at heart, but whoever wrote the biggest check. That is largely why Trump won this election; republicans, democrats, and independents wanted someone who would champion citizens over lobbyists.

So it comes as no surprise that right now there is a fight going on in Washington over who will be on Trump’s side come January. And it may not be the people you think.

From Washington Post:

Senate Democrats are threatening to force a brief government shutdown this weekend to pressure Republicans to support policies they say match promises President-elect Donald Trump made on the campaign trail to help coal country and boost American manufacturers.

Government funding is set to run out at the end of Friday and lawmakers are considering a stopgap spending bill that would keep federal agencies funded through April 28. The angry Democrats are not threatening to block the spending measure, but to threaten to miss the Friday deadline in hopes they can entice Republicans into further negotiations.

The tension over the spending bill is a sign of the possible scrambled alliances to come when Trump is inaugurated and how they could prove to be a headache for Republican leaders.

One of the democrats leading the charge is West Virginian Joe Manchin III. He resonated with Trump’s promise to rebuild the coal industry.

It remains to be seen if this bill is specifically in line with Trump’s future plans, but it dovetail’s with the President-Elect’s goal of restoring our energy independence, at least in part.

It’s unlikely the government will shutdown, given the disasters from 2012 and 2013. But this brief dust up is a sign that leaders from both sides of the aisle are champing at the bit to side with Trump.

Source: Washington Post

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