BREAKING: DONALD J. TRUMP Will Be The Next PRESIDENT Of The United States!

Ever since June 2015, at the announcement of his campaign, no one guessed that Donald J. Trump would be the 45th President of the United States.  Except Donald J. Trump.

And now here we are.  With Pennsylvania called by the Associated Press and the New York Times, it is presumed that this dream has become a reality.

The Democrats went to sleep not prepared to give a concession speech, waiting for the votes to be fully counted.  We’re not sure they’ll be able to sleep much.

Townhall reports:

Republican Donald Trump is the next President of the United States after breaking through Democrat Hillary Clinton’s blue wall and running the table on the electoral map. History has been made. 

Trump currently sits at 254 electoral votes, but will secure the necessary 270 votes as totals are finalized. Clinton sits at just 218 votes. Trump is ahead in Michigan and has already won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. 

The night started in Florida, where Trump easily beat Clinton despite heavy Latino turnout in the state. 

The Silent Majority became the Roaring Majority.  The political elites were so tone deaf, their polls so wrong, no one predicted that this could have been possible.  A few oddsmakers and pollsters showed the possibility, but these facts were largely ignored.  Now America faces reality, and America can once again begin to heal itself and become great once again, led by a president who loves America deeply.

The hidden Trump voter, which was a point of controversy during the race, turned out to be a real phenomenon that put Trump over the top. Most polling across the board, both state and national, was wrong. Media outlets predicted Clinton dominating in electoral votes and she did not.

With Hillary going to bed, Trump prepared to come out and make a statement.  The media, who have been in Hillary’s pocket the whole time, finally made the announcement that Pennsylvania is won by Trump and with it, the presidency.  Hillary called Trump to concede, and just before 3 AM EST Trump gave his acceptance speech to the American people.

Source: Townhall

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