BREAKING: Donald Has SHOCKING Message For Russia! ROCKS Press Conference… [WATCH]

When Donald Trump speaks, America listens.  And liberals go insane.

Trump spoke to the press this morning to address the Wikileaks controversy and allegations that Russia was meddling in US elections.  Trump has also been accused of having a close relationship with Vladimir Putin—even though the two have never spoken—and that Trump is really pulling the strings and sabotaging her campaign.

In a tweet and a press conference, Trump makes his position clearly known… but he also throws the liberal media a curveball they’re still not recovering from!  From @realDonaldTrump:

Here is the portion of the press conference where he makes this shocking statement:

Hillary has a problem she has never faced before.  She clearly controls the media, but she has also revealed to the American people that she is pulling strings at the FBI and the judicial system.  Crooked Hillary is so corrupt, normal means of justice don’t seem to be enough to put her behind bars.  Donald Trump, however, is a force she cannot reckon with, because he will use any means necessary to root corruption—and the the Clinton crime family—out of American politics.

The full press conference is worth watching:

Source: YouTube

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