BREAKING: EgyptAir Crash Just Took A STUNNING Turn…No One Expected THIS!

If you knew your pilot’s name was “Mohammed,” would you still board the plane?

After September 11, 2001, millions of Americans would probably be nervous about it to say the least, but would do so anyway, not wanting to look paranoid or “Islamophobic.”

Of course, if you’re flying EgyptAir, the chances are great that your pilot (and co-pilot and who knows who else on board) is named “Mohammed” anyway. But now reports indicate that for Mohammed Shakir, the pilot of the downed EgyptAir plane, Flight 804 was no ordinary journey.

According to Al-Hurra News:

“Captain Mohammed Shakir was beloved by his colleagues and had a good reputation among his colleagues and his flight staff. He was friendly and loved everyone, and he called his colleagues to lunch at his house a few days before the incident, telling them that his life is nearing an end and he will meet Allah, and he said ‘goodbye’ for the first time in his life.”

His brother told another Islamic news outlet, “I do consider him a martyr.”

And the UK Telegraph reported that Shakir would conduct prayer during flights, using the plane’s navigation systems to tell passengers the location of Mecca.

Shakir was also friendly with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Amr Khaled, who asked the public to pray for the pilot and his passengers after news of the flight’s disappearance.

Have you read anything about this in the U.S. mainstream media? But it’s likely that if the pilot had been a devout Christian who’d hosted a “Last Supper” with his family, it would have made headlines.


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