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BREAKING ELECTION NEWS: Hillary Wins, Trump Speaks…HERE Is the Round-Up [VIDEO ADDED]
By PJ Editor|June 7, 2016

Tonight is, for the most part, the last night of the 2016 primary election cycle.

Donald Trump and Gary Johnson have already captured the nomination of their parties, and now Hillary Clinton has done the same with her win in New Jersey.

However, Bernie Sanders has promised to fight on in the hopes of peeling off a few of the Democrat’s super-delegates and taking his fight to the convention floor. However, Sanders is looking more and more like Ted Cruz, or maybe Don Quixote.

HERE are the live results for tonight’s primaries.

Donald Trump spoke a short time ago from a teleprompter and a prepared text. He slammed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as he sought to refocus his campaign after a very bad week spent off message.



PJ Editor
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