STING: FBI Investigating New HACK…The Target Has Democrats TERRIFIED!

The Democratic Party was rocked when thousands of emails and documents were released to the public, thanks to WikiLeaks.

The revelation that the DNC was working against one of their own candidates destroyed their credibility, perhaps for good. Thousands of long-time Democrats abandoned the party, searching for new leadership.

It shows us the power that a well-timed data breach can have over politics. In this modern day, our leaders seem to lack the knowledge and skill to keep their information safe. You’d think that corrupt politicians would work especially hard to protect incriminating emails, yet their out-dated thinking in this matter shows how unprepared an unfit they are for office.

Now a new group is at the mercy of an email breach, a group just as out-dated, corrupt, and inadequate as politicians: the media.

From Allen B West:

The FBI is probing a possible cyber breach of numerous company email accounts belonging to New York Times reporters, a law enforcement source close to the investigation told Fox News on Tuesday.

The investigation, which is ongoing, is looking into how and how far the perpetrators infiltrated the Times email accounts in question…

CNN first reported the breach of reporter email accounts and added that other U.S. news organizations were also targeted. The source speaking to Fox News was unaware of other reporters at different agencies who may have been targeted.

According to CNN, the hackers are believed to be of Russian origin, in particular, those working for Russian intelligence.

CNN is already trying to protect itself by blaming Russia. You have to imagine how the Russians feel at this point. Every time something embarrassing happens to liberals, they attack the Russians. I doubt this will help diplomatic relations, should the Democrats take the White House in the fall.

There’s a good chance this breach will uncover a litany of scandals and cover-ups on the part of the media. We know they are biased in their support of Hillary Clinton. They ignore her many flaws and wrong-doings, while inflating her achievements.

But just how deep does their corruption go, however? What will we learn about the once great New York Times?

The biggest question: how many heads will go on the chopping block, once these emails are released?

Source: Allen B West

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