BREAKING: Gowdy Just Dropped The HAMMER On Obama…Liberals In TOTAL PANIC!

This week saw the House Intelligence Committee question FBI Director James Comey over the FBI investigation into possible Russian interference in our election and other related issues.

Since the election, democrats have insisted that Russia “hacked” the election. This is an overstatement, as time and again we learned that our actual election process was not tampered with or infiltrated by outside agents.  The only thing Russia might be guilty of is stealing emails from the DNC and Clinton campaign and releasing them to Wikileaks.

While we don’t yet know if that’s even true, no one can really prove whether or not those leaks were the leading factor of Hillary Clinton’s defeat. There is never one thing that clinches an election and one so heavily discussed and disputed as the 2016 Presidential Election, there was plenty of reasons the democrats lost.

Yet they still insist that it was all the Russian’s fault, even going as far as saying Trump worked with Putin. This wild claim has zero evidence; the millions of Americans who rallied around Trump know it is a lie.  The continued allegations and bizarre leaks that were twisted to make it out that way forced President Trump to accuse Barack Obama of wiretapping his campaign.

The information coming out about Michael Flynn and others suggests that someone within our government was stealing information and sending it to the press. These leaks are perhaps far worse than Russian tampering, as it was our own people betraying the system.

This is what Rep. Trey Gowdy wanted to know, yet once again Comey wasn’t talking.

From Daily Caller:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, questioning James Comey during a House Intelligence Committee hearing on Monday, appeared to name former President Barack Obama and six of his administration’s top staffers as potential sources of leaks about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s alleged collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 election…

The South Carolina Republican first asked the FBI director if former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “knew the name of the U.S. citizen that appeared in The New York Times and Washington Post?… Would he have access to an unmasked name?”

Gowdy asked similar questions about former CIA Director James Brennan, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice former White House advisor Ben Rhodes, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Finally, Gowdy asked Comey if he “briefed President Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn.”

“I’m not going to go get into either that case or any conversations I had with the president,” Comey answered.

He tore into Comey with a scathing cross-examination:

Over the last year the public has seen and heard a lot about this director of the FBI. Far more than we normally  hear from this person. And more and more I am learning that this man is more interested in playing politics than in upholding federal law.

Since his shocking revelations of Hillary’s illegal email server, we’ve seen Comey use clever and reductive language. He is very careful not to commit himself to any stance and even makes convincing excuses for not doing his job (like when he said the FBI wouldn’t prosecute Clinton because there wasn’t evidence of intent. Come on).

Comey sounds more like a politician than a law enforcement agent. He seems more concerned with protecting his job than with upholding justice.

If President Obama or others were involved in leaking private details to the press, we should know about it. Such abuses of power much be brought to justice. Remember, other Presidents were taken down for much less. Even though out of office, Obama and his ilk need to be held accountable.

But we will never learn the truth, so long as Comey continues in his post.

Source: Daily Caller

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