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BREAKING: Harambe Shooting Investigation Over…Do You Agree With The Outcome?
By PJ Editor|June 6, 2016

Last month’s killing of Harambe the gorilla in order to save a young boy that slipped into his enclosure has divided the nation between those that believed the killing was necessary to save the boy and those that don’t.

Many have cast blame on the boy’s mother for allowing her son to slip away and fall into the animal’s habitat. Others have laid blame on the zoo for not fully enclosing the enclosure as well as the decision to use deadly force.

Now the Cleveland police have completed their investigation of the mother and held a press conference to announce their findings. CNN has the story…

“By all accounts, this mother did not act in any way where she presented this child to some harm,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters said.
“She had three other kids with her and turned her back. … And if anyone doesn’t believe a 3-year-old can scamper off very quickly, they’ve never had kids.”
This may be the end of the investigation, but not the end of the story. For those that believe the killing of the rare animal was not justified as well as the family and federal inspectors, the story will continue as they search for blame as well as solutions to assure that this never happens again.
Source: CNN
PJ Editor
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