BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Guilty…

The server scandal just got smoking hot and Team Hillary is scrambling as Republicans smell blood in the water.

The narrative that she has pushed is now officially dead.

HotAir has the details…

What a difference an Inspector General’s report makes. Prior to today the silence and secrecy around the FBI investigation of Clinton’s private server meant there was relatively little detailed information in the public domain. And that meant that Clinton and her team could say almost anything about the matter without fear of contradiction.

So how bad is it?

Despite guidelines to the contrary and never seeking approval, Clinton used mobile devices to conduct official business on her personal email account and private server. She never sought approval from senior information officers, who would have refused the request because of security risks, the audit said.

This massively increases the pressure on the FBI to recommend criminal charges. Somewhere out there Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are smiling.

Source: Hot Air

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