BREAKING: Hillary Drops $1.2 Billion BOMBSHELL…Trump Is Smiling!

When it comes to getting your money’s worth, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was a huge flop.  Actually, that should be reworded.

When it comes to getting value for money spent that belonged to someone else, Hillary Clinton’s campaign was a huge flop.

$1.2 billion right down the drain.  Almost sounds like a government program rather than the cost of a presidential campaign.

But that’s what it is – the amount of money from Clinton supporters that was spent to enable her to finish in second place behind Donald Trump.

Not much of a return on one’s investment, was it?  Think of all those “pay-for-play” deals that could have been hatched during a Hillary administration.  Tough to pay back campaign contributions with corrupt deals when you lose the election.

What makes matters worse for Hillary, is that this figure is estimated to be twice what the Trump campaign spent.  Apparently the Hillary personality and integrity deficit was so profound that doubling down on what the Trump campaign spent couldn’t overcome it.

The Conservative Tribune frames it this way:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has one more humiliating fact to face about her failed presidential campaign — how much it cost.

“According to the New York Post, Clinton spent an astonishing record $1.2 billion for her presidential campaign. To add salt to the wound, Trump only spent about $600 million.”

The irony of the amount and sources of Clinton’s campaign money is pointed out by observing that, “Democrats have long complained about the kind of influence big money donors have on our politicians, but there Clinton was, benefiting from Wall Street, special interest groups and her own so-called charitable organization.”

It should also be pointed out that these sums represent the money spent by the campaigns, supportive super PACs, and other supporters.  It does not include the value of airtime that networks chose to devote to the campaigns.

We would point out that a cursory review of the news coverage showed a considerable bias in favor of Hillary.  If one were able to place a dollar value on the amount of free airtime that was supportive of Hillary as opposed to the amount of airtime in support of Trump, the above difference in money spent on the respective two campaigns would be even more profound.

No matter how you look at it, Hillary is a bad investment.  The Democrats should have known better.  Fortunately for America, they only figured that out late on the night of the election.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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