BREAKING: Hillary Is FREAKING OUT About Trump’s Speech…Now She’s Making A HUGE Mistake!

America heard one of the most memorable speeches from a presidential candidate in recent memory from Donald Trump last night, and the news is buzzing about his call to be the people’s voice and keep Hillary Clinton out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump didn’t just fire up his base and independents last night—he has Hillary reacting, and it could be the worst move of her campaign so far.

Hillary has been contemplating VP candidates for months now, and the rumors of her top picks have been swirling. But today it looks like she is being forced to choose, wanting to make a splash before the start of the Democratic National Convention.  The New York Times reports:

Mrs. Clinton is widely expected to announce her choice in an email to supporters while on a campaign swing in Florida on Friday afternoon, an attempt to regain momentum the day after her Republican opponent, Donald J. Trump, accepted his party’s nomination in Cleveland.

It looks like she is going with the safe choice: an uninspiring former governor who received boatloads of “legal” gifts.  Sounds like the kind of choice she would make under pressure.

Democrats close to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign signaled strongly Thursday that she would choose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate, rounding out the ticket with a popular politician from a battleground state.

Popular? Don’t forget this comes from the NYT.  He has low name recognition outside his home state of Virginia, but even worse is how unpopular he is among some liberals:

Putting Mr. Kaine on the ticket “could be disastrous for our efforts to defeat Donald Trump in the fall” because of his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, said Charles Chamberlain, executive director of Democracy for America, a liberal political action committee.

Trump’s convention this week has gone better than anyone expected, with wild excitement, a slate of outsiders, and a capstone of his memorable speech, and it is scaring Hillary Clinton right into political suicide.


Source: New York Times

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