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BREAKING: Hillary Medical EMERGENCY At 9/11 Event…
By PJ Editor|September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s deteriorating health has been the subject of much speculation, rumors and conjection for weeks now. She seems increasingly frail as more and more medical professionals weigh in on her unfittness for office.

She is seen with a mysterious handler, has to be held up and helpled where ever she goes and yet her team continues to insist that she is in perfect health and that all of this “speculation” is, wait for it, SEXISM!

That case just got a little harder to make as Hillary appears to have a health emergency at today’s 9/11 ceremony as Fox News James Rosenthal reported…

Hillary Clinton apparently suffered from some kind of medical issue today at an event to commemorate the events of 9/11 on this, the 15th anniversary of the attacks. It includes her having to physically be helped into her van as she appeared to be fainting.

Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal has tweeted the following:

Source: Red State

PJ Editor
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