BREAKING: Hillary Is PANICKING Over 1st Debate! She’s Considering The NUCLEAR Option…

It’s no secret the Clinton campaign is coming apart at the seams. After months of stalling, lying, and enjoying inflated support from the press, Crooked Hillary is beginning to see just how little the American public respects her.

You’re no Obama, Hill. Being a long-time Democrat with a tarnished reputation and history of corruption doesn’t ingratiate you with voters. Hiding behind a complicit media, who distorts your successes and releases altered polls, does not mean you’ll win the election.

As the controversies over Hillary Clinton mount, from her lying under oath, illegal email server, villainous Foundation, and health problems, she and her cronies are beginning to see just how much trouble they’re in.

Recently she was forced to cancel a fund-raiser in North Carolina, giving no solid reason (spoiler: it was her deteriorating health).

Now it looks she might take drastic measures to prevent an all-out embarrassment at the first debate.

From Conservative Tribune:

Among liberals, that mild despair must have become outright panic after The Gateway Pundit published a report that a “conservative leader” indicated that he had heard the Democrat nominee was considering dropping out of the first presidential debate with Republican rival Donald Trump altogether.

The anonymous leader was reported to have emailed the blog, saying that he had been “(h)earing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.”

Only a fool would believe Hillary is ahead at this point. Recent weeks have exposed her to being a dishonest, unstable, and potentially violently ill person. Her plummet in the polls shows she doesn’t have much of a chance in this election.

The low energy exhibited by her campaign, from weak turnout at rallies to her sluggish appearance on camera, proves what a poor state the democrats are in.

It might be very possible that she’ll cancel the debate simply because she is afraid to face off with Trump. He has been enjoying massive crowds across the country, spearheading a growing movement that is larger than just his campaign.

Hillary, on the other hand, represents the same stale, broken system that has been infuriating Americans for years.

She wouldn’t last five seconds in the ring.

Couple that with her failing health and dropping support, she might not even survive the hour or so event.

So the real question is, if she becomes a no-show at the debate, what will the democrats be forced to do? Clearly her strength (in every sense of the word) is waning. They might be forced to pick another candidate before it’s too late.

Spoiler: it already is.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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