BREAKING: Inauguration Day Plot EXPOSED…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

The backlash of Donald Trump’s win to the presidency was to be expected. Liberals had their vile hand in our government for so long, they didn’t expect to lose to spectacularly. They were confident their lying and corruption throughout the election would be enough to install Crooked Hillary in the White House.

Most of it were pathetic acts of irrational emotion on the part of precious snowflakes. Some of it was orchestrated by political activist groups throwing some money around. All it did was to serve as vivid examples of how out of touch and arrogant the left really is.

With Trump soon to take office, there are still some liberals refusing to accept reality. They are working overtime to embarrass themselves.

From Joe For America:

One Hollywood liberal, Michael Moore, has done everything in his power to protest Trump’s election.  Moore has been acting like a spoiled little 2-year-old brat who hasn’t gotten his way. He’s protested in front of Trump Tower and even tried to visit Donald personally, but was stopped by security. Now Michael Moore has stooped to a new low.

On Wednesday, wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore issued a tweet calling for protests to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20, Fox News reported.

Here’s the tweet:

It’s ironic, considering Moore’s comments regarding Trump during the campaign probably did more to help him win than hurt him.

This attempt at disrupting the inauguration will go nowhere. There will be far more Americans out to support the next President–including many Democrat, GOP, and Independent leaders in D.C.–than there will be to protest.

Not to mention the fact that an event so widely watched around the world will be heavily monitored by the Secret Service and other security agencies.

I don’t know what Moore expects to happen on January 20, but I’m sure it will only serve to expose his stupidity.

Source: Joe For America

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