BREAKING: Tim Kaine Just Leaked A BOMBSHELL! Hillary Clinton Is…

Since we’ve been subjected to two terms of a Democratic president who for all practical purposes despises America and works tirelessly to see his Fundamental Transformation turn this nation into his version of a Socialist utopia or in other words “a dumping ground for all the world’s indigents and undesirables” to put it nicely. Now we are hoping for a transformation of a “Trump” kind. Making America great again!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, however, has something different in mind and all of her health issues have left us even more determined see that she doesn’t serve as president. Now we learn her running mate, Tim Kaine, may have “let the cat out of the bag” in comments he made during a speech.

He stated:

In campaigns, I have run eight races and I have won eight races. I’m undefeated and can I just tell ya, I’m not gonna lose this one. I am not gonna lose this one. Hillary and I, we are not going to lose this one.

You would almost think he was the one running instead of Hillary! It sounds like he has some kind of inside information we are not privy to. Has the fix been put in? Will Hillary drop out and let Kaine take the center stage? Maybe Hillary will continue the race hoping for a win and then if she does she could resign leaving Kaine in the presidential driver’s seat! One thing is for certain, America needs to vet Kaine thoroughly it lets a nominee who stole the primary appoint her successor! We don’t need another disaster like the last 8 years!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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