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Every day, almost, we are inundated with the results of the latest opinion polls trying to convince us that Hillary Clinton is ahead by twelve points or Donald Trump is ahead by twenty points and we are supposed to believe in their results depending upon what our political affiliation is.

While the national numbers are mostly even, there is a significant shift among major demographic groups, and no one could have predicted this.

Breitbart reports the latest polling data:

The poll of 1,025 likely voters was conducted by RKM Research for Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald, from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4.

Trump has a very favorable rating among among 18.4 percent of 105 Hispanics, and 10.5 percent of 101 African Americans. He also scored a “somewhat favorable” rating among 16.4 percent of Hispanics and 13.3 percent of African Americans. Combined, he gets a positive rating from 35 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of African Americans.


Hillary Clinton has a “very unfavorable” rating from 48 percent of Hispanics and 15 percent of African-Americans. That leaves Clinton’s “very unfavorable “ score among Hispanics level with Trump’s “very unfavorable” score.

Of course the number of people who participated in the poll was only about 1,025 likely voters. I’ve always had a problem with polls and pollsters because the results can always be skewed by where the poll is taken and who is asked to participate in it. If it’s a Liberal university, you can just about expect the results to be favorable towards the Democrat candidate and conversely if you happen to be in a majority Republican area.

The poll did show Trump gaining ground among African-Americans and Latinos which is good for him in states like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida!

In comments about the poll, conservative author Ann Coulter said the poll shows significant support among lower-income minorities for Trump’s low-immigration, high-wage, reform plans. “There is nothing frightening about Trump if you’re here legally, and he is going to bring back jobs and raise your wages,” Coulter told Herald Radio. “They left [their home countries], they like America, they came here, and they’d like a raise,” she said in a Herald Radio interview Sept. 6. “I like that Trump is appealing to all working class people.”

Understanding opinion poll results is something I generally leave to the number crunchers. What this writer goes by is the size of the crowd at the rallies. And the ones I’ve seen in the news show Trump to have an overwhelming lead over Clinton! We know that it is the Electoral College that has the final say about who the winner is and I hope we are prepared to deal with an unfavorable outcome in the elections, this November. That’s why we need to double down on our efforts to get people out to vote!

Source: Breitbart

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