BREAKING: Liberals Drop AWESOME News About Chicago…For Once, Americans Are CHEERING!

Chicago politics are notoriously corrupt, to put it mildly. For decades, the Democrats who ran the city used all kinds of dirty tricks to stay in power, like famously counting the ballots of dead voters!

Over the last eight years, Chicago has been in the spotlight because it’s where Barack Obama first acquired power. He often jokes about this, and his adopted hometown’s nasty reputation.

Of course, he will now be succeeded by New Yorker Donald Trump. So what does that mean for the Windy City’s fortunes?

John McCormick of Bloomberg Politics writes:

When Donald Trump becomes the 45th president, Chicago will trade a first family and top advisers with deep ties to the city for a chief executive who has repeatedly called it a violent mess embodying the failed policies of his predecessor and the Democratic Party.


Heightening tensions, the city council voted a week before the election to remove an honorary street sign designating “Trump Plaza” near the 96-story Trump International Hotel & Tower, a building that bears his name in large, white letters.

The state’s lost power comes as Illinois faces a budget standoff and fiscal crisis that have triggered dismissals at universities, left $9 billion in unpaid bills and cut into services for the poor. Investors are demanding yields about 2.2 percentage points higher for 10-year Illinois debt compared with benchmark securities.

It’s unlikely that Chicago will enjoy the same special relationship it had with one of its favorite sons sitting in the Oval Office, obviously.

That said, Chicago remains one of the most important cities in the nation. Trump may have to make nice, at least in a small way, with this staunchly Democratic stronghold.

Credit: Bloomberg

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