BREAKING: Michigan Drops BOMBSHELL On Jill Stein…Her NIGHTMARE Just Came True!

The Green Party presidential candidate apparently didn’t want her brief moment of attention to end after the election was over. She probably wanted to keep donations coming in to the party as well. So she’s been suing for recounts in jurisdictions around the country.

These have either been denied outright, or else they have revealed nothing about the vote count that would alter the election.

Now someone is so fed up with this circus they’re putting a stop to it altogether.  And Jill’s about to feel it where it counts—her pocketbook.

Joe For America reports:

Lisa Lyons, Republican state Senator introduced the bill this last week. It states that a candidate who lost by more than 5 percent will pay for the full cost of the recount for each precinct referred to (there are 6,300 precincts in Michigan) in his or her petition.

The story continues:

According to the Detroit Free Press, current state law requires candidates who lose their race by greater than 0.5 percent to pay $125 per precinct for the recount, while the state pays for the rest. For Jill Stein, that meant a $973,750 check written to the state of Michigan. But the Great Lakes State is by no means coming out in the black on the deal, as the cost is expected to be as much as $12 million. (…)

At Conservative Review, Rob Eno opines that “Stein did this to increase her donor file. Many politicians ‘buy’ their donor files from their campaigns. It is a valuable source of income for the candidate.”

So add to the $12 million cost to the state of Michigan alone the cost of legislatures having to draft and pass bills to prevent Stein or someone like her from pulling this stunt again. What a waste.

Source: Joe for America

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