BREAKING: Miss Universe Accused of MURDER…Her Response STUNS America! [WATCH]

The Hillary Clinton campaign team just can’t win. They must have thought they’d scored a hole in one when they got the father of a Muslim soldier to yell about Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention. Too bad that same man was revealed to have ties to the Clinton Foundation, among other dubious entities.

Then you could see how pleased Clinton was with herself during the debate, when she slammed Trump for allegedly mistreating a former Miss Universe contestant, Alicia Machado. Once again, though, the Democrats blew it. A minute’s worth of fact checking would have revealed this beauty queen’s hair raising past, which includes liaisons with a drug lord and appearing in porn films.

At first, the mainstream media tried to ignore these facts. In the end, they were forced to confront Hillary’s latest “feminist heroine” and the results were a train wreck:

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Tuesday night, the anchor asked Machado whether, as reports show, she had once participated in a murder and if she had threatened to kill a judge.

The judge said there were no witnesses to place Machado at the scene, but neither could anyone verify her claim that she was home sick at the time of the murder.

“He can say whatever he wants to say, I don’t care,” Machado responded to Cooper:

“You know, I have my past. Of course, everybody has a past. I’m not a saint girl. But that is not the point now.”

Hilariously, Machado further undermined her own case by repeatedly saying that Trump’s alleged “fat shaming” happened “twenty years ago,” as if to try to relegate these supposedly embarrassing incidents to the past.

Trump supporters could just as easily say the same thing: That a difference of opinion about how much weight a pageant contestant gained in 1998 can’t possibly be relevant to the 2016 presidential election.

Of course, Machado wanted everyone to know that she has a tell-all book coming out, but she was unable to name her publisher or the date said book was due to hit store shelves.

Credit: Independent Journal Review

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