BREAKING: #NeverTrump Leader Drops A BOMBSHELL…Donald Is THRILLED!

It’s shocking to think that there are still conservatives out there against Donald Trump. Surely they are suffering from a massive bout of sour grapes, refusing to see the writing on the wall.

Trump single-handedly beat sixteen established Republicans to secure the nomination. He is trouncing long-time politician Hillary Clinton in the polls. And that’s not to mention the wild support he is receiving across America, in swing states and even long-time blue states.

So for any Republican to still be opposed to his leadership is simply astounding. Make no mistake, they aren’t doing it out of some conservative ethic or conviction; they are doing it to spite a man that threatens their totalitarian regimes.

However the needle might be finally turning, one of the biggest, blow-hardiest, Never Trumpers is changing his tune.

From The Political Insider:

Bill Kristol has been one of the biggest opponents of Donald Trump among the right wing group that’s referred to as “Never Trump.” He’s also long been considered the Sith Lord of the neo-conservative wing of the Republican Party.

But after the last few weeks, even he had to make this startling admission on Fox News:

It’s no surprise that Kristol and others are starting to accept a Trump presidency. They are admitting that Hillary Clinton is no friend to the American voter. Many millions have always been distrustful of the woman and many more are joining their ranks.

Trump represents a turn away from established politics and status quo. He promises real change and a better America. Who could argue with that?

Source: The Political Insider

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