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BREAKING: #NeverTrump Not Dead Yet…Convention SHOCKER!
By PJ Editor|July 18, 2016

Just when you thought the effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee was over, guess again.

The #NeverTrump movement appeared to be dead after it failed to coalesce around a candidate, then failed to find an independent to run and then failed to get behind Gary Johnson and then failed to unbind the delegates, but nope.

Apparently some Republicans are still willing to throw the election to Hillary Clinton by destroying their own party.

File this under stupid is as stupid does!

Politico has the scoop…

Republicans looking to unseat Donald Trump as their party’s presidential nominee appear to have the signatures they need to force a full vote on the national convention rules, a move that threatens to disrupt the party’s national convention and provide a platform for anti-Trump delegates to embarrass the billionaire on the eve of his official nomination.

Forcing a vote on the rules would temporarily throw the convention into a lobbying frenzy, with delegates hoping to deny Trump the nomination work to convince a majority of the convention’s 2,472 delegates to reject the party’s rules and adopt new language that would help them sideline Trump.

While it is unlikely that this effort will succeed, it will reveal the split within the GOP on the biggest stage in politics. The only person this helps is Hillary Clinton!

Source: Politico

UPDATE (4:11 PM) – Defeated! #NeverTrump has been beaten on a contentious voice vote. It is finally over. Donald J. Trump will be the nominee!

PJ Editor
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