BREAKING: New BOMBSHELL Drops…U.S. Moves To Shut Down Wikileaks For Hillary!

It’s no surprise that the massive revelations provided by whistleblower website WikiLeaks is having a profound impact on the election. Many Americans have woken up to the deception and corruption of Hillary Clinton, her aides, and the entire DNC.

In a race that is already in the bag for outsider Donald Trump, these revelations not only end Clinton’s chance at nabbing the White House, they open her and the rest of her people to criminal investigations.

The depths of corruption between the White House, the DNC, Hillary’s team, and the media have all been laid out in these emails. It’s safe to say that the White House itself is embarrassed by what has been revealed. So even Obama has motivation to put an end to WikiLeaks.

That’s just what he tried to do, through the State Department.

From McClatchy DC:

Wikileaks said Tuesday that Secretary of State John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, from publishing leaked emails that could disrupt peace negotiations with a guerrilla group in Colombia.

Assange, who has been in refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London for more than four years, saw his access to the internet cut over the weekend.

WikiLeaks blamed the U.S. government, saying Secretary of State John Kerry had requested the move.

“The John Kerry private meeting with Ecuador was made on the sidelines of the negotiations which took place pricipally on Sep 26 in Colombia,” WikiLeaks tweeted.

This has all been an attempt by our President to protect his corrupt and dishonest buddy, Hillary Clinton. He knows that she will continue his failed, radical liberal policies; she’s his only hope that his damaged legacy will continue once out of office. So Obama has a personal interest in getting Hillary elected.

These WikiLeaks are putting the final nail on the coffin, however. The White House can’t stop what has already been released, but this desperate attempt on the part of Kerry hopes to silence any further revelations.

But what they don’t understand is that this isn’t the first time Julian Assange has come under fire. A critic of most politicians and governments, he has exposed corruption on many levels. He has contingency plans if and when they come after him.

And even if they shut his Internet access down, there are others within his organization that will continue the work.

Source: McClatchy DC

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