BREAKING: New Face On The 20 Dollar Bill STUNS Nation…Liberals RUSH To Stop Trump

To their credit, some liberals are trying to look ahead to the Trump era in a sane, sober fashion. Unfortunately, too many on the left are indulging in bizarre fantasies about a looming fascist state.

This speculation has even spread to include the redesign for the $20 bill:

For example, Maya Rhodan reports in TIME this week that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew might release early images of the redesigned $20 featuring Harriet Tubman “in an effort to pressure the Trump Administration away from reversing their plans.”

You see, Donald Trump is a horrible racist who wouldn’t approve of having an African-American woman on U.S. currency. Or something…

In reality, Trump is focused on developing ways for Americans to earn and keep more $20 bills than he is on whose face is drawn on them.

And the punchline is, Tubman was in fact a Republican — the party that abolished slavery — a fact which has delighted many on Twitter since the design was announced:

@michaelscherer @m_rhodan I very much like the idea of replacing a Democrat on the $20 bill with a gun-toting Republican hero.

— Unknown Conservative (@RealDonaldFlop) December 7, 2016

@michaelbd @SchachtNathan Gun carrying black female Christian Republican: what is the issue again?

— TrollColors (@TrollColors) December 8, 2016

Credit: Twitchy

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