BREAKING: A New Path Just Opened…To Donald Trump’s Victory! Here’s How He Does It…

Ok, so the current polling data, taken from several independent polling sources, shows Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, to be the next president.  That is, if the data is accurate and the elections were held today. However, we still have 43 days and three presidential debates before the big reveal.

The 270 electoral votes that Trump must get in order to win the blue ribbon are starting to line up.

From the polling data analysis on Breitbart:

The reliably red Republican states—Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, and South Carolina—are all expected to easily vote for Trump for president. That totals 164 electoral votes.

And add in:

  • Georgia and Arizona, both of those states—per recent polling—have seemingly moved solidly into the Trump column. That’s another 27 electoral votes, for a total of 191 electoral votes with the other red states.
  • Florida with 29 electoral votes
  • Nevada and Iowa for a total of 12 more electoral votes
  • Maine’s Second Congressional District -and that is just one electoral vote
  • North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes


If Trump locks up Ohio’s 18 electoral votes, and adds them to everything else, he is at 266 electoral votes.

If Trump secures Colorado’s 9 electoral votes, along with everything else considered, he would win at least 275 electoral votes—without even considering Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, New Hampshire, or even other places where he has been seen trending upwards in polls like New Mexico—on November 8. That’s the ballgame.

In all of the aforementioned states, according to the polling data, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton and she will be hard pressed to steal any of those states away from him if he can hold his own in the upcoming debates. We can assume Hillary will attempt an “October surprise” of some sort to make Trump look weak but we remain confident that Trump will be prepared for whatever Hillary might throw at him!

Source: Breitbart

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