BREAKING: The Numbers That REALLY COUNT Are In…Points To LANDSLIDE Victory For…

In spite of the mainstream media polls showing Democrat presidential pretender Hillary Clinton in the lead, it’s a little hard to swallow since it’s so obvious that the media have aligned themselves with Hillary and have been protecting her from any negative press.

Indeed, it seems nearly impossible to get any kind of fair reporting of early polling data when we’ve seen evidence that the pollsters have been over-sampling registered Democrats and under-sampling Republicans.

One area where the pollsters aren’t able to easily misrepresent the data is in the rally attendance numbers which show that Trump supporters are visibly more energized and active.

Gateway Pundit relayed the numbers:

Since the party conventions in July (from August 1st through Saturday, October 22, 2016) Hillary has participated in only 34 campaign rallies to Trump’s 87. Of Hillary’s 34 campaign rallies where she was present, only a dozen of these events had crowds estimated at over 1,000 people.

Donald Trump on the other hand held 87 events in the same time period of which only 7 had crowds estimated at less than 1,000. Most, if not all, of these small crowds for Trump were special campaign events where he gave speeches on foreign policy, childcare, or his recent Gettysburg address, for example. Trump has held 80 events with crowds more than 1,000 in this same time period with 16 of these events with crowds 10,000 or greater.

Trump averages more than 6,000 at his events while Hillary averages less than 1,000. Because Trump has many more events than Hillary, he averages getting in front of more than 6,700 per day compared to Hillary’s 380 per day in this time period.  Because Trump has worked much harder he has 53 more events than Hillary, which has resulted in Trump having more than a half a million (530,000) more participants at his events than Hillary.

Hillary has taken 57 days off without participating in campaign rallies since July. She is either sick or her campaign thinks she’ll do better if she doesn’t get in front of people or her campaign doesn’t want to show the abysmal lack of interest in her and her events.

If these numbers are any indication of what the results will be on election day, then Donald Trump will waltz into the White House practically unopposed but who knows what subterfuge the Hillary camp might have in store for us.

It may turn out to be a bumpy ride!

Source: Allen West

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