BREAKING: The Numbers For Trump’s Speech Are In… And Even Donald Is SURPRISED!

The Republican National Convention closed out an exciting, inspiring week of speakers with the biggest speaker of them all: Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump.

Oh boy, did he ever close it out.

This was the grandest moment of an already historic convention, one that started a year ago with the announcement of a candidacy no one thought would go everywhere.  And yet there he was, in front of a Republican Convention full of supporters, and even more importantly, in front of cameras streaming his electric message to TVs and devices around America and around the world.

But even Donald could not expect how many Americans would tune in to watch him.  The numbers are in, and boy are they big.  Politico reports:

An average of just over 30 million people watched Donald Trump accept the Republican nomination on Thursday night across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, according to ratings data from Nielsen. Millions more likely tuned in on other networks, and on streaming video services.

30 million people tuned in, and that didn’t track the millions more watching from their phones, iPads, and computers (I was one of them!).  The quality of the convention had something to do that, and Trump expressed his thanks.

Millions of America heard Donald J. Trump tell them, “I am your voice,” and day by day he is convincing all of America he has their back and is going to unify this nation as President of the United States.

Source: Politico

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