BREAKING: Obama CAUGHT Protecting Mass-Murderers! Deserves To Be…

It’s no secret that the ongoing bloodshed in Syria is an international disaster. The civil war between established leaders and growing dissidents, led by terrorist organization ISIS, has forced millions of Syrian citizens to other countries.

The flood of migrants into Turkey and other parts of Europe has been nothing short of a nightmare, as countries struggle with the unprecedented flood of humanity. It has created an atmosphere of terror in the EU, as dangerously zealot Muslims from the Middle East clash with liberal Western society. Not to mention the numerous terrorists who have infiltrated countries like Belgium, Germany, and France.

Meanwhile the fighting continues in Syria, with their own leaders targeting citizens with bombings and chemical warfare.

You’d think with this kind of bloodshed, the United States would want to make any effort to bring it to an end. Even something as simple as legislation identifying Syria for sanctions would go a long way in curtailing the violence and death.

But Obama is president, so it’s never that simple.

From Hot Air:

Democrats in Congress bowed to the Obama administration’s desire to delay a bill aimed at sanctioning Syria for documented instances of mass torture and mass murder.

The bill is called the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act. Caesar is a code name for a former Syrian military photographer who escaped the country in 2013 with 55,000 photos documenting the crimes committed by the Assad regime. The bill, which has bipartisan support, was expected to get a vote this week until the White House stopped it…

[T[he administration argued that a vote on the Caesar bill could hurt a fledgling cease-fire effort negotiated by Secretary of State Kerry.

The cease fire appeared to collapse Monday when Syria began bombing Aleppo again.

Obama and his cronies in Congress claim that the sanctions would hurt a tenuous cease fire. But the reality is, Obama has already caused massive damage to the Middle East, thanks to his and Hillary Clinton’s foolish meddling. Before he came to power, the Middle East was in a mode of reparation.

Only a few short years later, it’s total chaos. Any move on the part of our government now to fix the problem would be an admission of guilt by Obama. He can’t fix what he’s already destroyed, he’d have to acknowledge he screwed it up in the first place!

So, two weeks after another reported chemical attack, the Obama administration is delaying a bill aimed at dissuading Assad’s regime from further mass murder and mass torture.

It’s clear that this administration’s dealing with the Middle East has been an epic train wreck. In his final months in office, Obama refuses to do anything to reverse the damage.

Or he’s just afraid of stepping on John Kerry’s toes, you know how effective that man can be!

Thank goodness his time in the White House is almost up.

Source: Hot Air

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