Breaking: OBAMA, Not Russia, Sabotaged America…The Nation Is REELING!

The protection of our election system is one of the most important issues facing our democracy.

Every vote must be counted. More so, every citizen needs to believe that their vote is getting counted.  Otherwise, we’d see more and more people refusing to vote, leading to unscrupulous politicians take advantage of our system.

Presidential elections are vitally important to our country.  The system we have in place now gives each state a voice in choosing our Commander in Chief.  This is by design, as each state has its own identity and say in the leading of our nation.

We are not a one-state country.  We are the United States.  That means each state must protect its voice in D.C. and its influence in choosing the president.

Each state is responsible for the collection and tallying of votes.  That is necessary, to ensure no power outside of the state can manipulate or undermine the election.

The worst thing that could happen is for the federal government or a single, unified agent to take over the state-to-state voting systems.  That would give a shocking amount of power to a very small few.

Imagine if a sitting president controlled how votes were collected and counted? We would never be able to trust the outcome of an election.  Even if it was a separate department within the federal government, it would be easily manipulated by the executive branch.

Yet if Obama had his way, that would have happened.

The Department of Homeland Security actually claimed it was not concerned about hacking. Watch here:

But in fact there’s a clear reason they were not worried. Why would you be when you are the hacker?

From The Political Insider:

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials tried to hack Indiana’s state electoral system with at least 14,800 “scans” or hits between Nov. 1, 2016, to Dec. 16, 2016, The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

The attacks are the second confirmed IT scanning assault by DHS officials against states that resisted then-President Barack Obama’s attempt to increase federal involvement in state and local election systems by designating them as “critical infrastructure” for national security.

Members of the National Association of Secretaries of State voted Saturday at their winter meeting to oppose the designation. They are asking President Donald Trump to overturn it.

Former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was also Trump’s vice presidential-elect during much of the period covered by the DHS scans of the Indiana system.

With all this talk about Russia trying to undermine the election, our own president was trying to manipulate how states collected and counted votes.  He even went as far as ordering the DHS to “scan” Indiana’s voting system.

By the way, they wouldn’t have been able to scan their files without first illegally infiltrating their network.

This has all the earmarks of a dictatorship.  Obama wanted to solidify federal control over elections, so that sitting officials would have unprecedented power over how votes were counted. If he had his way, whose to say if we would ever have an honest election again?

Had Hillary won, we would have seen this get even worse, as the federal government would control to grow out of control.

Now those expansions of federal authority are in the hands of President Trump.  Will he roll back Obama’s attempts a tyranny?

Let’s hope so.

Source: The Political Insider

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