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BREAKING: Obama’s CRIMINAL Cover-Up Exposed! New Charges Will Lead To…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 21, 2016

President Obama may tout far and wide, and to anyone who will listen, that his administration is the most transparent one ever to grace American grounds.

But the truth is: Even mainstream press has criticized him through the years for pulling the curtains over media eyes and shielding key documents and pieces of information from public view. At one point, for example, photographers who’ve covered politics and the high White House office for decades characterized Obama’s administration as the least friendly to photojournalists, and the least accommodating and open, they’ve ever seen.

But now there’s a new accusation in town – and it’s putting yet another dent in Obama’s claimed image as open and transparent.

The Political Insider has the story: “The Obama administration was just caught red handed, as $1.7 billion was transferred to the hostile Iranian regime through questionable European bank accounts. A member of the House Intelligence Committee is sounding the alarm.”

And what does this particular House member, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kentucky) have to say?

The Washington Free Beacon gives the details.

“[Pompeo] is accusing the Obama administration of laundering some $1.7 billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Iran through a complicated network that included the New York Federal Reserve and several European banks … New disclosures made by the Treasury Department [to Pompeo] … show that an initial $400 million cash payment to Iran was wired to the Federal Reserve Bacnk of New York and then converted from U.S. dollars into Swiss francs.”

The francs were then shifted into an account at the Swiss National Bank, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Once the money was transferred to the Swiss Bank, the ‘FRBNY withdrew the funds from its account as Swiss franc banknotes and the U.S. government physically transported them to Geneva’ before personally overseeing the handover to an agent of Iran’s central bank, according to the documents,” the Washington Free Beacon found.

The information, if ultimately proven true, could show just how the Obama administration bypassed U.S. sanctions to provide Iran money – a payment that coincided with the release of U.S. hostages held by Iran that critics say is a ransom.

“It’s clear this money was being treated as a ransom, since the Obama administration was doing everything possible to keep these transactions off the books,” the Political Insider opined. “Now our tax dollars are going to fund terrorism around the world. Just what did Obama hope to accomplish here, anyway?”

Source: Political Insider, Washington Free Beacon

Cheryl Chumley
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