BREAKING: Ohio State Attack Shocks Americans…But The Liberal Reaction Is DISGUSTING!

If the situation weren’t so horrific, the following story might almost be funny. Unfortunately, it’s another example of the clueless left, operating on outrage autopilot. After all, why should they let the facts get in the way of their theories?

The second news broke of a violent rampage at Ohio State University, clueless liberals immediately took to social media to decry “gun violence” and “America’s gun culture.”

They got a shock when the truth came out: That the assailant had used a knife and a car in his attack, and had only been stopped by a quick thinking, armed police officer.

According to The Federalist, An OSU police officer shot and killed the machete-wielding attacker, believed to be an immigrant from Somalia, the university’s public safety director said in a statement, according to WNYC.

Even though there is currently no evidence a gun was used by the attacker, and even though a good guy with a gun was solely responsible for ending the attacker’s rampage, various progressive activists, celebrities, and journalists spent the morning using the attack as a pretext for demanding even stricter gun control laws.

Even Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick Tim Kaine joined the Twitter “gun control” pile on — yet liberals think Trump should stay off social media and isn’t smart enough to be president?

As reporter Michael Cantrell adds:

For the record, the attacker was a Muslim Somali refugee. Perhaps, instead of banning guns, we ought to put an end to refugees entering the country putting our nation at risk?

Source: Allen B. West

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