BREAKING: Protesters ATTACK Trump Motorcade! Mob CHAOS Has Donald…

While the media has been ignoring the shocking violence of rioters against the Trump campaign, tensions have continued to escalate.  This is fueled by the left’s dangerous misunderstanding of how our nation’s political system and laws work.

When movements, such as the populist one Americans are seeing now, rise up, the answer cannot be violence and intimidation

The latest was particularly violent and is pushing the boundaries any candidate should have to endure, though the media’s blackout on the event is making some think the media would be OK if something terrible happened to the candidate they clearly dislike.  This time video has been caught of the event.  The Gateway Pundit reports:

Protesters at a Donald Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center got between vehicles and jumped on the hood of a Secret Service SUV in Trump’s motorcade as the candidate was leaving the building.

Police can be seen moving in to clear the protesters but only after a major security breach had taken place.

The video was posted by Emma Sapong with MPR.

It looks like at least this time no significant harm happened to either side, though that is surprising based on the pictures.  If the left will not cool it with their violent threats, someone is going to be seriously hurt in the near future.

Donald Trump seems to be taking this in stride.  He surely knew his message of liberation from crony policies and dangerous foreign wars would not sit well, but hopefully his security is able to keep him safe over the next few months.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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