BREAKING: Republicans STUNNING Decision To Go After Russia…Sends Trump Into A RAGE!

During the 2016 election, shocking revelations were made that exposed deep corruption within the Democratic Party.

During their National Convention, we learned how DNC leaders conspired to help Hillary Clinton get the nomination. They worked to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ campaign, with moles inside his organization. They spread disinformation about the man, tried to find dirt in his past, and used his ethnicity and religion to turn people against him.

During the General Election, WikiLeaks revealed even more dark secrets from within the Clinton campaign.

You can argue whether or not these revelations decided the election, but what you can’t argue is Hillary’s pathetic response. Instead of owning up to the questionable things she and her people said and did, she blamed Russia for hacking their emails. Whether Russia did it or not is beside the point; Hillary and the complicit media made it the focus of the issue to distract from her many problems.

And it seems there are even a few Republicans who took the bait.

From Washington Post:

Leading Senate Republicans are preparing to launch a coordinated and wide-ranging probe into Russia’s alleged meddling in the U.S. elections and its potential cyberthreats to the military, digging deep into what they view as corrosive interference in the nation’s institutions.

Such an aggressive approach puts them on a direct collision course with President-elect Donald Trump, who downplays the possibility Russia had any role in the November elections — arguing that a hack of the Democratic National Committee emails may have been perpetrated by “some guy in his home in New Jersey.” The fracture could become more prominent after Trump is inaugurated and begins setting foreign policy. He has already indicated that the country should “get along” with Russia since the two nations have many common strategic goals.

Surprise, surprise the GOPer’s leading the charge are John McCain and Mitch McConnell. These cowards opposed Trump during the election (McConnell even espoused the virtues of working with Hillary) and now are poised to frustrate Trump’s future presidency.

At a time when we should be shoring up our relationship with Russia after the terrible blows Hillary made during the campaign, these bitter Republicans want to reopen the wounds.

There is zero evidence Russia had anything to do with the hacking. Mostly likely, people within the DNC leaked the emails, as there’s no evidence of outside infiltration. The suggestion that Russia tried to interfere with our election is just another pathetic excuse to explain away Trump’s significant win.

The fact there are republicans leading the charge proves these are some of the inside cronies that are threatened by Trump’s leadership.

Source: Washington Post

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