BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Just WON The Election…For Donald Trump! Here’s How…

The first night of the Democratic National Convention featured some powerful keynote speakers.  First up was the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.  She riled up the people toward unity against Republicans, which was what the Democrats need right now in their divided state.

Then Senator Elizabeth Warren, the person Bernie Sanders had hoped would carry the liberal torch as vice-presidential nominee, began her comments.  She was interrupted throughout by Bernie supporters, calling out her betrayal as she heartily endorsed Hillary Clinton. CNN reports:

At various moments, shouts of “Bernie! Bernie!” rang out during some speeches and hundreds of people in the packed out crowd wore Sanders campaign themed clothes.

But the rumbling was just starting.

Then Bernie Sanders, who won 43% of the vote, stood up to calm the growing discontent of his supporters.  He had already supported Clinton, but most of his followers just wouldn’t follow that far. CNN reports:

Sanders spent much of Monday making a last-ditch effort to quell the anger among his backers. That frustration was on display when Sanders himself was booed earlier Monday when he urged backers to support Clinton.

He had hoped to rally his own people to fall in line against Bernie.  But he could not help but revel in his own victories after a raucous crowd gave him a standing ovation that lasted for minutes and delayed the start of his speech.  He listed his accomplishments and how close they had come, ramping up the energy with each statement.

“Any objective observer will conclude that — based on her ideas and her leadership — Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,” Sanders told delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

The obvious desire had been for the rallying cry to be met with a united cheer.  Instead it was met by a passionate mixture of boos and cheers.  The boos even continued after he left the stage.  Their leader had abandoned them and their shared principles, and they would not be following.

Meanwhile, Trump personally responded to Bernie’s failed efforts to unify the party:

“While Bernie has totally given up on his fight for the people, we welcome all voters who want a better future for our workers.”
At an evening rally in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Trump said Sanders is “losing his legacy.”

“He’s just sort of given up,” Trump said.

Bernie Sanders failed to unify the party tonight.  Instead he whipped up his own supporters in anger and then asked them to support the woman who doesn’t stand for their socialist ideas.  A divided Democrat party cannot win this election. If Bernie caused even a quarter of his die-hard supporters to become #NeverHillary (which he clearly did)—then this election is over.  Goodbye Democrats.  Hello President Trump.

Source: CNN

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