BREAKING: Sealed Ballot Box DISCOVERED…Hillary’s Voting Fraud REVEALED

Hillary Clinton ought to take a line from Disney’s “Frozen” kiddie movie and as the breakout musical piece says, “Let It Go.”

That’s in reference to her failed presidential attempt, of course.

But for Clinton, the phrase “You lost” apparently can’t sink in. How else to account for her crooked attempt to force Donald Trump to cede his president-elect title by jumping aboard a senseless recount effort?

“Jill Stein initially launched this recount, saying that she was doing so in the interest of integrity and government transparency,” the blog Mad World News wrote. “But that is anything but true.”

How do we know this?

Well, her recount is focused solely on those states where Clinton lost. For those states where Clinton won – and won by a smaller margin than the ones in the recount states Clinton lost – it’s hands-off. The policy there: no recount.

But that’s not the only shenanigan going on with the ballot recount process.

“According to the American Mirror, a major voting fraud scheme was just uncovered, but it wasn’t exactly in favor of who you would think,” Mad World News reported.

What’s the deal?

Apparently, according to the news outlet, 50 paper ballots were found in a locked sealed box that was supposed to have 306. And the missing 250 votes – where’d they go?

“We’ll give you just one guess who the vast majority of those extra 250-plus votes went to,” the blog reported. “As the American Mirror reports. ‘According to the [local clerk], publicly released vote totals … Clinton got 250 votes and Donald Trump received 31. The candidate who demanded the recount, Jill Stein, got 11 votes.”

It’s clear someone acting on Clinton’s behalf was responsible for the voting irregularities.

“Hillary Clinton is a snake, and crap like this only makes a good percentage of Americans even happier that she wasn’t elected as our president,” Mad World News reported.

Source: Mad World News

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