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BREAKING: Shock Poll STUNS Hillary…Trump Achieves Something McCain And Romney Couldn’t!
By PJ Editor|June 29, 2016

Quinnipiac is out with a new national poll that is sending shockwaves through the political establishment.

Hillary Clinton has led in twelve consecutive national polls, but it now appears that her lead is sinking like a stone as Donald Trump mounts a comeback after his well-received speech on jobs and the release of the Benghazi report.

A shocking national poll released Wednesday morning shows the U.S. presidential race as a statistical dead heat, with Democrat Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican Donald Trump shrinking to just 2 percentage points, a number that’s within the survey’s margin of error.

The respected Quinnipiac University poll found Clinton with a 42-40 lead in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, narrowing from a 4-point gap a month ago.

Even more encouraging is Trump’s growing support among Hispanics.

Counter to the media narrative and the worst fear of Republican leaders, it appears that Trump’s hard line on immigration isn’t hurting him among Latinos as much as was assumed. Democrats make the mistake of assuming that all Latinos think the same and are part of a homogeneous racial group.

The reality is far more complex. Many American Hispanics oppose illegal immigration and resent recent arrivals that don’t follow the law and compete for jobs.

The Quinnipiac poll showed two ethnic trends behind the scenes of the results, with blacks favoring Hillary by an iron-clad 91-1 margin and Hispanics favoring her 50-33.

If Trump were to win the support of one-third of Hispanic voters, he would outperform both Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008. Those men, the last two GOP nominees, polled 27 per cent and 31 per cent, respectively, among Hispanics on Election Day.

If Mitt Romney had carried 33% of Hispanics, he would likely be president today.

Source: Daily Mail

PJ Editor
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