Breaking: The Biggest Secret Of 2016 REVEALED! True Conservatives Turned Out To Be…

This election was never about Republicans vs. Democrats. It was about Americans taking back their country from corrupt globalists and special interests.

Even the Republican Party had been infiltrated by this toxic kind of politics. Conservative values were put on the back burner for policies that favored global corporations and lobbyists that paid big bucks to be heard.

It’s true that had any other GOP candidate won the nomination, we would have had some serious problems moving forward.

That’s why there were so many Republicans willing to violate their party and conservative values to resist Trump. He is an outsider who will dismantle much of the corrupt system in D.C. He represented an end to the insider games that have plundered the wealth and prosperity of Americans and given it to greedy globalists.

Now that Trump is elected President, we can see an end to this kind of hypocrisy within our party.

From Joe For America:

You should consider this entry as the starting point…my shot across the bow if you will…of my war against anyone and everyone that insists on using the words “republican” and “conservative” interchangeably as if they mean the same thing.

Because they do not. For me, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard every time I hear people do it…

This is the sort of drivel you would expect to hear from the navel-gazing #NeverTrump Republican mainstreamers that chose to sell out real conservatives because it meant more to them to sound like the smartest kids in the room than it did to keep real conservatives from having to confront and survive four more years of progressive liberal policy.

The article paints a clear distinction between real conservatives–who believe in American values–and Republicans who sold out their party for their own agenda.

There is a reason why these Never Trumpers failed. While trying to protect their comfy situation in Washington, they betrayed the values that the GOP are suppose to uphold.

It makes sense that the writer is so angry at these supposed conservatives; they are expressing the same frustration that motivated so many to vote for Trump.

So long as we continue to protect and stand for the values that make American great, we will continue to win. Corrupt politicians cannot stand when Americans defend their rights and freedoms.

Source: Joe For America

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