BREAKING: The Latest Numbers Are IN…One Candidate Is On The Verge of VICTORY!

“Look at the size of the crowds,” said Donald Trump.  But the pundits would not listen.  They plugged their ears, cheated in collusion with Hillary Clinton, and counted on the Democrat machine to get out the votes.

The numbers are rolling in, and things are looking far different than most pollsters expected.

Don’t stop reading here.  The New York Times (yes, don’t stop) has an impressive calculator based on the live vote counts.  They are not predicting that Donald Trump has greater than a 95% chance of…


That means Hillary has less than a 5% chance of winning.

This has become Brexit + + +.  You saw this coming. The American people are stepping up.  All we can do is watch and see if Donald Trump can seal the deal.

Here is the Real Clear Politics map from 10:20 PM on November 8th:


Source: New York Times Forecast

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