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BREAKING: Trump ASSASSINATION Foiled…Illegal Alien Tries To Kill Candidate!
By PJ Editor|June 21, 2016

It is extraordinary that the media is giving this story so little coverage!

In Las Vegas on Saturday, an illegal alien, while standing near Donald Trump, narrowly failed to grab the cops gun with the intention of killing the GOP nominee. He freely admits to authorities that he not only traveled across the country to kill Trump, but that he had back-up plans to try again if he failed in Vegas!

Can you imagine if a would-be assassin came within inches of killing Hillary Clinton? Do you think that the media would be virtually silent?

IJ Review has more from the AP report…

A 19-year-old man was arrested for attempting to grab a police officer’s gun during Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Las Vegas on Saturday.

According to the AP:

“It cites a report by Special Agent Swierkowski, whose first name was not included, saying Sandford told officers he drove from California to kill Trump and went to a Las Vegas gun range the day before to learn to shoot.”

We have now learned that the would-be assassin was a British national who had overstayed his visa, which had expired more than a year ago. This is further evidence that Donald Trump is right about cracking down on illegals in this country!

Source: IJ Review

PJ Editor
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