BREAKING: Trump Just BLINDSIDED The Supreme Court…Every Conservative Is CHEERING!

They don’t call it the “9th Circus” for nothing. The infamous 9th Circuit Court’s insane decisions are the stuff of liberal loony legend — and conservative nightmares.

However, its ruling against Trump’s executive order on immigration is now widely considered its craziest ever.

Experts have argued since the ruling came down that it is a piece of political grandstanding rather than a serious judicial decision. The Constitution clearly grants the President the authority to determine who can and cannot enter the United States.

Now, as he promised, Donald Trump’s administration is appealing the 9th Circuit’s ruling against his executive order on immigration — but there’s a surprise twist:

According to the report Trump is appealing this en banc, which I believe means they are appealing it to a wider set of judges on the 9th circuit as opposed to appealing it to the Supreme Court.

According to Fox Business, 11 judges would be selected at random from a pool of about 30-40 judges.

This is an effort, of course, to undo the stay that was put on by the district court in Washington State.

Most observers assumed that Trump had to appeal this to the Supreme Court, a dodgy proposition considering its current ideological balance (or lack thereof.)

So the “en banc” move is a real surprise and will, hopefully, better ensure a well deserved win for Team Trump.

The fact is, other presidents, both Republican and Democratic, have issued almost identical orders about immigration, especially from violence-prone, Muslim majority nations. For example, even Jimmy Carter temporarily barred Iranians during the hostage crisis.

It is so obvious that Trump is being singled out for special treatment, that alone should help the court rule in his favor. And America’s: as the president keeps reminding friend and foe alike, our national security is at stake.

Source: The Right Scoop

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