BREAKING: Trump Drops BOMBSHELL Video On Hillary…And It’s BLOWING UP The Internet!

Despite what the mainstream media is telling you, Donald Trump is winning this election. We’ve given up on trusting their frequently dishonest polls, their manipulation of the facts, and outright lying. The truth is Donald Trump has excited a new generation of voters with his promise of cleaning out the corruption in Washington.

The only thing Hillary has on her side is the media. The majority of voting Americans have given up on the dishonesty, insider games, and corruption people like Hillary have come to represent. They are burned from eight years of broken promises under Obama. They are ready for a change, something Hillary just can’t give them.

Just look at the online engagement of the two candidates and you will see how America is leaning. A recent video posted on Donald Trump’s Facebook page exposing Hillary’s corruption was getting over 10,000 shares an hour. As it stands now it was shared over 81,000 times and viewed over 3 million times.

From Conservative Tribune:

The video focused on Clinton’s alleged pay-for-play schemes intended to funnel money to her family’s corrupt Clinton Foundation during her tenure as secretary of state.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton abused her power to get millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, and in return, granted so many favors to the establishment and elites,” Trump wrote on his Facebook page along with the video. “SO unbelievably corrupt.”

The video, titled “Get Rich Quick: Hillary Clinton’s Pay to Play Guide,” laid out how the Democratic presidential candidate abused her power through a series of steps.

Watch it HERE!

It’s a story we and our readers know very well. Hillary used her position as secretary of state to funnel in millions from foreign donors. She gave out favors to those donors, using a private email server to hide the evidence from the government. Then she deleted any evidence when she got caught.

We know she should be in jail for this, but her cronies and corrupt allies have protected her thus far. The only way we can make sure her betrayals of the American public are confronted is by first making sure she never becomes president.

Then we can make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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