BREAKING: Trump DUMPS The Trash…Liberals Are Going INSANE!

The Department Of Energy (DOE) supposedly is tasked with developing sources of energy to meet the needs, both now and in the future, of an ever growing population of Americans. This includes all sources of energy whether oil, gas and coal or renewable types such as wind and solar.

But the Trump transition team is investigating into how and by whom the funds allocated for the development of energy sources are being distributed and who they are being distributed to.

Evidently when some probing questions were asked of the DOE, the answers weren’t as satisfactory as they should have been.

From Red State:

The transition team has asked the agency to list employees and contractors who attended United Nations climate meetings, along with those who helped develop the Obama administration’s social cost of carbon metrics, used to estimate and justify the climate benefits of new rules. The advisers are also seeking information on agency loan programs, research activities and the basis for its statistics, according to a five-page internal document circulated by the Energy Department on Wednesday. The document lays out 65 questions from the Trump transition team, sources within the agency said.

Two Energy Department employees who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the questionnaire and said agency staff were unsettled by the Trump team’s information request.

The questions about the social cost of carbon dovetail with similar, so-far-unsuccessful requests from Republicans on Capitol Hill, who have also sought information about the analysis underpinning that policy and the people who helped develop it.

In the transition document, Trump advisers ask for “a full accounting” of DOE liabilities associated with DOE’s Loan Program Office, criticized by Republican leaders over its part in bankrolling Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer that went bankrupt and left taxpayers on the hook for $535 million in federal guarantees. The documents seeks lists of outstanding loans, their terms and objectives, and the parties responsible for repaying them.

It looks like the Trump transition team will be taking out the trash on these agencies that apparently exist to shuffle money around for their own purposes.

It’s time the agencies realized they answer to the administration, not the other way around!

Source: Red State

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