BREAKING: Trump Holds MASSIVE Rally In Key Swing State…While Hillary Is…

More signs that Donald Trump is gaining steam, while Hillary… is coughing up a lung.

During one of the biggest holidays of the year, when people get in their last few moments of summer fun, both candidates were out garnering support for the election.

Both just so happened to be in Ohio, one of the key swing states. Both Donald and Hillary know they need to work extra hard to earn the support of votes, and to encourage their supporters to get out and vote this November.

And while Donald Trump was packing in bodies at his rally, Crooked Hillary could barely draw a decent crowd.

Couple that with her disturbing performance. Hillary was reported to be coughing violently at the beginning of the speech. It got so bad her awkward running mate tried to escort her from the podium. Could this be more signs that she is dangerously ill? Healthy people don’t act that way.

From Truth Feed:

Both Trump and Hillary held rallies in Ohio on this Labor Day.

Hillary’s was a sparse crowd who stood there listening to her cough violently.

On the flip side, Trump held a YUGE rally at the Canfield Fair in Mahoning County, Ohio.

Anyone who refuses to acknowledge Trump is leading a movement is either blind or blatantly lying. Hillary Clinton is desperately holding onto the status quo, only propped up by a biased media. Meanwhile Trump is uniting Americans off all stripes and backgrounds in an effort to take back their government.

donald trump ohio rally crowd

Hmm, I wonder who is going to win?

Source: Truth Feed

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