BREAKING: Donald Trump Issues A Call To ALL AMERICANS…HERE Is What He Is Asking…

Shortly after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Donald Trump, GOP candidate for President, was on the scene.

He had planned to visit Scotland well in advance of the vote, to christen his new golf course. This is the Trump who claimed Brexit would win. Then he appears in the U.K. to applaud the victory.

He almost seems psychic at this point.

Of course the unapologetic candidate didn’t miss a beat. He used the opportunity to reinforce his goals as the future President of the United States.

He made a strong comparison between the Brexit vote and the choice Americans will have come November. He put out a call, urging all people who want to take back their country, to follow Britain’s example.

From Conservative Tribune:

The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy.

Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first.

If the Brexit vote is any indication, the media has lost touch with the people. There is a growing number of citizens, American and British alike, who are tired of the same of politics. They want their voices to be heard. They despise being bullied by elite bureaucracies. And they are going to do something about it.

Trump continued with:

“They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. I hope America is watching, it will soon be time to believe in America again,” 

This globalism trend is coming to an end. It only benefited greedy politicians who pulled the strings and the corrupt global forces that have their fingers in many countries. The freedoms and rights of the people suffered from it. England has spoken to strike a blow against globalism. American will come next.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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